Sandra Hosgood

Her powerful vocals  and high energy drive  every performance.

Born in the big city of Toronto but raised as a small town girl in Milton Ontario, Sandra Hosgood started writing songs at the  age of 13.   Sandra is in her 8th year of SGB and is looking forward to many more.

She studied Music Theatre at Sheridan College and has has been active in Theatre for most of her life. Sandra didn’t take long to realize she had a passion for singing and song writing, growing up listening to the sounds of Janis Joplin, Heart and Fleetwood Mac.

Strong roots with a positive perspective is what separates Sandra from all else. Her first album “Distant Echoes” was released in 2011 with her featured single and music video “Hey You”. Sandra then released her second album with The Sandra Good Band in 2014 "Lonely At the Top" Cd sales have been incredible.

Sandra is a proud member of SGB and is looking foward to releasing her third CD in the near future.

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