Barry Foreshew (lead guitar, Vocals)

Born in Northern Ontario, Barry "Rock On" Foreshew began his musical interest in playing guitar in 1977 when his music teacher in grade school introduced the guitar to him. He was driven from this point on to play and became insprired by such guitarist's like Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton. In 1980, he further studied classical guitar at the Prom Schook of Music Conservatory.

In his early years Barry played in many bands performing covers and original songs at various night clubs in Northern Ontario and Toronto. He has had the opportunity to play with Valhalla, who performed as an opening act for the Blushing Brides and David Wilcox. Barry later moved on and played with Footloose.

Once he moved to the city of Toronto he played with Skinner Box who opened for Brighten Rock. Barry's ability led him to form the Double or Nothing Band. Today Barry "Rock On" is a memeber of the Sandra Good Band.

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